PARCC Test Dates April 27-30

Sun, 03/15/2015 - 9:29am

The End of Year PARCC Assessments will be adminstistered April 27-30. Similar to Performance Based PARCC Assessments, the test will be administered to students throughout the day using the same computer based program. There are four units (or sessions) for each student to complete: two math and two ELA units. Because we will be using technology to administer the test, we need to remain flexible with our testing schedule: any disruptions to our network or hardware issues will result in a deviation from our plan.

All controllable absences should be avoided during the full testing window: April 27-30. This means that orthodontist appointments, check-ups, and other similar tasks should be scheduled outside of the regular school day. If you already know your student will be absent for any part of the testing window, please contact his or her school counselor immediately. Please note, any absences during testing will result in the student having to take make-up sessions, thereby missing additional classes.