Support the Patapsco PTA and Music Boosters by shopping on Amazon

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 8:33am
Are you an Amazon shopper? Well, now we've made it even easier so that any purchase you make on Amazon (not just gift cards) can help us earn money for the Patapsco PTA and the Patapsco Music Boosters.  Our PTA and Music Boosters is part of the Amazon Associates program. Through this program, the PTA and Music Boosters will earn a percentage of every purchase you make, just by going through the Amazon link on the PTA website homepage!
How do I make my purchase count?
Anytime you shop on Amazon, start you shopping session from the Patapsco PTA website,, and then click on our Amazon link from there and shop as you normally would.  It's that easy!  There is nothing else you need to do. Just make sure you start every Amazon shopping from our PTA website and you’ll be helping raise money for the PTA and the Patapsco Music Boosters.  

Please share this information with family and friends - anyone who starts their Amazon shopping session from the link on our Patapsco PTA website is helping to earn money for our school!  The holidays are right around the corner, why miss this opportunity to do your holiday shopping and fund raise for the PTA and Music Boosters at the same time?  If you have questions about our Amazon account, please contact: