Homeroom Assignments 2017-2018

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 1:42pm
All students will report to a daily ‘Homeroom’. The following breakdown provides the most up-to-date student assignments. Adjustments may be made to accommodate changes in enrollment throughout the summer. Therefore, we ask that you check back prior to the first day of school for a final breakdown. 

Students will enter doors closest to their locker locations. Please note the entrance door associated with your homeroom and use that location to enter the building each morning.  Band and Orchestra students will have lockers outside of those music rooms. Therefore, those students will be using the back D hallway door closest to the music rooms regardless homeroom assignment. 

Doors are located as follows:

Lockers #1-200                    Front 'D' Hallway Entrance           

Lockers #201-387                Back 'D' Hallway Entrance [Doors nearest the music rooms by the basketball court - right side of the building.]              

Lockers #400-547                South Entrance [Main Doors on the right as you look at the buiding - closest to route 70.]             

Lockers #548-728                North Entrance [Main Doors on the left as you look at the building - closest to the driveway.]               

Lockers #729-743                South Entrance