Opening Day Homework!

Tue, 09/05/2017 - 2:57pm

Today was a great day at Patapsco! Thank you so very much for sending us relatively well rested and eager Knights. To be sure we have a repeat of today's smooth sailing tomorrow, there are a few things I need you to do:


  • Review the School and County Policies and Regulations with your students. Both of you must sign and return page 28 of the student handbook tomorrow.  This is particularly important for 7th and 8th graders.

  • Double check that your student knows his/her numbers:

    • Bus number and/or home address

    • Locker number/combo (6th graders)

    • School lunch PIN number - all students making purchases from the cafeteria must use this number to avoid a surcharge on the food they buy.

    • Parent contact phone numbers that work during the school day.

  • Log on to HCPSS Connect to update your family file.

    • If you've already tried and succeeded, thank you! You are one of the 63% who have completed this task.

    • You can now reset your password with or without a security Q&A. So, if you've tried to update and hit a roadblock, please try again.

    • If you are having trouble remembering your user name (which is the full email address for an adult responsible for the student account), call or email us and we'll let you you know what you should be using to access the initial time. Please note: You can not complete this task using the student login/account. It can only be completed via a guardian account.

    • Families new to HCPSS should receive an authorization key in your email. Follow those instructions.

    • If you've requested a reset, and haven't received an email, we need you to check your junk or SPAM folders. That seems to be where a bunch of those things are ending up. If you still don't have it, give us a call.


I can not tell you how important it is to update your contact info. We are aware it's been a bit trying for some of you, but please let us help you. We actually had to contact parents today and some of the contact information was dated. Many of our students do not have phone numbers memorized (I'm sure we can all relate to that), so we need to be sure we can access you if and when we need to. 63% completed is actually the best we’ve ever had by day one. Let’s shoot for 100% by Friday - we can do it! Thanks in advance for making this task a priority.


This week we will begin practicing emergency response drills. Talk to your son or daughter about your expectations that they take these practices seriously. It's vital that all students and adults develop predictable responses to emergency situations in order to ensure the best possible outcome during unanticipated situations. 


Look for our first regular newsletter this Friday.



Cindy Dillon