PM KNIGHT 01-12-18

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 2:06pm

From the Principal’s Desk…

Oh my gosh! I have to tell you, I really love the Spelling Bee. Not because I am particularly good at spelling - I am not. Perhaps that is why I love the Bee so much; I am inspired by our students who put forth the effort to learn to spell such complex vocabulary words. Anyway, words are awesome and the kids who can spell well are too!

This year, the final round was a hard fought battle between our Spelling Bee winner Aditi S and runner up John K.  After 84 minutes and 98 words, Aditi spelled two consecutive words correctly to win the Patapsco School-wide Spelling Bee: gimlet and martingale. The final rounds between these two remarkable spellers required them to spell words that were not on the 2018 Spelling List. The ‘Additional Words’ list was used in the final rounds to get to the heart of who would be our winner this year. Aditi and John went back and forth 16 times before a winner could be declared. It was nothing short of nail-biting.

The Bee is broadcast for the whole school and the pressure is tremendous. Can you imagine being in front of a camera trying to spell words without benefit of paper and pencil (or Siri)? The words that stumped our spellers this year included (in no particular order): utterly, hermetically, boroughs, propaganda, indolent, callous, gandiouse, engulf, manner, barrette, marmalade, bowler, superintendent, mulberry, rife, subterranean, unpropitious, lazily, sinewy, prominent, gauss, seafaring, residential, bicycle, truculently, fluorescent, Pyrenees, interpolated, Celiacs, and pulmonary.

Want a sampling of what they spelled correctly?  Be ready to be impressed:  commissary, medivac, deja vu, hibiscus, electioneer, patriotism, mimicking, pestiferous, frontispiece, incongruous, putrefaction, formaldehyde, vicissitudes, Kilimanjaro, ichthyosaurus, gnaw, laborious, eburnated, tonsure, donjon, noctograph, posthumous, and xylorimba.  What’s remarkable about these words is that we don’t commonly use them in our daily discourse. I hazard to guess there are some on this list that adults can’t even define, much less spell. I’d say that raises the whole affair to the level of outstanding, wouldn’t you?

Congratulations to all of our participants. Each of our spellers won a preliminary bee in their ELA classes earlier this year: Ambika A, Jacob B, Hanna C, Bridget D, Anika E, Gary G, Steven J, Akhil K, Jason K, Sorabh K, Mason L, Jeffrey M, Sion M, Cyril M, Advaitha M, Khalil M, Alex N, Erickah O, Shade P, Srihan P, Rohan R, Prad R, Ahmad R, Joseph R, Anik S, Anoushka S, Akhil S. Katia T, Roger Z.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend,

Cindy Dillon



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8th Grade Student Information

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There has been an increase in the number of students texting parents and asking to be picked up for minor ailments such as sore throat, headache, stomach ache, etc..  Students are texting parents prior to coming to the health room.  Students should report to the health room when they are not feeling well.  The RN and/or Health Assistant will assess the student.  Based on the assessment, it will be determined if the parent should be contacted and if the student should go home.  

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Grab your sneakers and your kids, and get active on a 1-mile bootcamp course in the Columbia Mall with exercises at our favorite stores! Exercises are designed for kids and adults all fitness levels. This kid-friendly event is for kids ages 3-17 and their favorite grown-ups.  Visit for additional information.

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