Tardy Consequence Procedure

Thu, 09/27/2018 - 10:25am


There is a direct relationship between academic achievement and regular attendance. The instruction and activities that take place in the classes cannot be thoroughly replicated when missed. We hope that you will take the necessary steps to ensure that you arrive at school on time. Developing personal responsibility and fostering punctuality are important lifelong skills that all of us strive to acquire.


1st Unexcused tardy- Warning

2nd Unexcused tardy – Warning and contact home

3rd Unexcused tardy – Before school detention and contact home

Beyond the 4th unexcused tardy it will require a meeting with an Administrator and/or Pupil Personnel Worker



1st Unexcused tardy- Reminder of expectation

2nd Unexcused tardy- Reminder of expectation

3rd Unexcused tardy- Reminder of expectation, warning of consequence if tardiness continues, & parent contact

4th Unexcused tardy- Minor incident report, parent contact, & assign before school detention

Chronic tardiness to school- Office disciplinary referral, parent contact, and administration assigns after-school detention. Further tardy to school offenses will result in progressive disciplinary responses based on HCPSS code of conduct.