Outdoor Education (6th grade) 2019

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 8:43am

October 17, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here is some important information regarding Outdoor Education (ODE):

*The first place to find all information regarding ODE can be on your student’s “Grade 6 Patapsco Middle School” course. Click on “Announcements” to see “Outdoor Education Presentation”. This is your first line of defense for questions regarding dates, times, packing, and activities.

Packing List

    Your students were given a packing list in their English classes this week. Packing list/suggestions can be viewed in the ODE presentation in Canvas. No medicines should be packed with students attending ODE. Medicines should be taken before they leave, or brought in to the school nurse with the proper medical forms (that should have already been completed). If you bring in medication for the nurse, make sure it is clearly labeled. 

Cabin Lists and T-Shirts

    Cabin lists and t-shirts will be given to students on Monday 10/21. Students will receive their t-shirts during homeroom, and their cabin lists will be given during their ELA classes. 

Luggage Drop Off Night

    Luggage Drop Off Night will be on Tuesday 10/22 from 6pm-8pm. It will be in the Cafeteria. Students are only allowed 1 bag. Students can also bring a light drawstring bag or light backpack to bring with them on the bus and during activities throughout their days at ODE. 

Drop Off on Wednesday 10/23

    Drop off will be at 8:45am on Wednesday morning. If your student is not able to be dropped off, it is okay that they ride the bus in the morning; however, students cannot bring luggage on the bus in the morning. 

Pick Up on Friday 10/25

    We are expected to return to Patapsco on Friday between 12:00pm-1:00pm. It is highly suggested that you pick your student up at that time. It is very important that you DO NOT arrive to Patapsco before the buses. We will send an email blast of the estimated time to pick up your student.  Students and luggage must safely exit the buses and stand at their homeroom table before parents can pick them up. If we cannot fit our buses in the parking lot, it will prolong pickup. Luggage must be picked up that afternoon or it can stay in the office until someone picks it up. Luggage cannot go home with students on their assigned after school bus. Below is a visual of how pickup will work:


  1. Your student will grab their luggage and wait by their Homeroom Teacher’s table

  2. Only parents parked along the curb can pick-up their students

  3. Parents will sign out with their student’s homeroom teacher

  4. Parent and student will leave

This process will take about 25 minutes to complete; we will do our best to expedite this process but we want to make sure students and luggage go home safe. They will be tired from an amazing trip!!


However, if you are not able to, your student can remain at school and ride the bus home at the normal dismissal time. Please be prepared that their luggage cannot go on the bus ride home.


Please look on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for some pictures of all the fun from our students. We are looking forward to a fantastic trip and we thank our parent chaperones in advance for helping make this an amazing experience for our students!!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can email our 6th grade team leader, Mr. Weeks, at william_weeks@hcpss.org