Joining Google Meet

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 10:43am

Reminder: Students cannot use a personal Gmail account to join HCPSS Google Meet sessions.  If you are having trouble getting into your teacher's meet and you have a personal Gmail account, check that you have signed out of that account.  

Note: Students cannot use a personal Gmail account to join Google Meet check-in sessions.

Before starting:

If you are using a browser - log out of your personal account by clicking on your icon in the top right corner and selecting Sign out.   

If you are using a mobile app - switch (or add) accounts by clicking on the “hamburger” menu in the top left corner.

If you are using a personal Chromebook - open an incognito window (Links to an external site.) and login to G Suite on

  1. To get started joining a Meet, launch Chrome.  (Chrome is the preferred web browser for Google Meet.)

  2. go to

  3. Click the Google Meet distance learning button.

  4. Enter your teacher's Meeting Code.

  5. When prompted with the Will you allow to use your microphone... and/or camera.... web browser prompt, make sure the correct microphone and/or camera is listed in the drop down menu. Below are examples of what the prompts that extend from the URL bar may look like. You may choose not to use your camera.  If you do not have a camera or microphone you can still participate by listening and using Google Meet's chat functionality.

  6. Select Join Meeting


Watch a short video demonstration of Best Practices for Google Meet


For more information about Google Meet go to Canvas and view