Outdoor Ed is here!!!

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 9:01am

The 6th grade team has been working hard to get ready for your wonderful Outdoor Ed experience up at North Bay. Today, during 6th period, students will be lead through a Prep Packet where they will talk about packing lists and tips, as well as trip expectations. They also received their new Outdoor Ed t-shirts in homeroom - please wear on Monday!


Chaperone Arrival:

Chaperones - arrive no earlier than 8am. Arriving earlier may cause issues with the buses dropping students off for the school day. Please park in our parking lot and head inside for our chaperone meeting/materials station.


Student Arrival:

Students - arrive no earlier than 8:30am. With around 300 students to unload, please try to carpool to make the process easier. Traffic cones and teachers will be set up to direct you in the drop off. We will unload approximately 10 cars at a time - stopping other cars from unloading until the previous 10 are done. Please say your goodbyes and love yous in the car so that we can move things along quickly.


Weekend Prep:

Students will be coming home with Prep Packets from this afternoon's meeting as well as their cabin and bus assignments. Here is your to do list for the weekend:

  • Pack! It looks like rain, so make sure to bring plenty of socks and some good rain gear (no wading boots).

  • Label your luggage!! Luggage not labeled is the one of the factors that holds up the line of cars, so please label your luggage with: full name, cabin name, and bus number. Put on your luggage with duct or masking tape - make sure it's secure!

  • Plan a pickup/carpool for Wednesday's return. Estimated arrival time on Wednesday is 12:30pm.

  • Lay out your new Outdoor Ed t-shirt to wear on Monday. Write your name inside on the tag since there are, oh, 300 just like it!

  • Review trip expectations and rules with a parent/guardian.

We are looking forward to a great time at North Bay, and your preparation helps with that! Any additional questions about Outdoor Ed? Check the slideshow on the main "Lunch" Canvas course page for answers. It will be an incredible time for learning and growing, and one you will never forget. Rest up this weekend and we'll see you on Monday at 8:30!


~ Mrs. Pfoutz & the 6th grade team