Thu, 02/22/2018 - 10:06am


Pi is a well-known mathematical constant, as well as the homonym for a delicious dessert. The first three numbers of this important constant are three point one four, or 3.14. Coincidentally, these numbers also happen to occur on the calendar once a year, on March 14, or 3/14.

Usually, this might be a day to eat pie or make math jokes. But this year, our Math department has a different idea for recognizing Pi day in the Patapsco Middle School community.  The Math department is sponsoring our school’s Student Service Learning Project as a fundraiser to support Grassroots Intervention Center and Change Matters, for all grade levels.  For this fundraiser, students and staff will be asked to donate $3.00 (or $3.14 in the spirit of Pi Day) between the dates of March 5 to Pi Day (Wednesday, March 14th).  Of course, higher donations will gladly be accepted.

Donations will be collected by homeroom teachers. The donation will support Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center of Howard County.  Each donation of $3.00 will be rewarded with a paper wrist band to be used as a permission slip to wear a hat or bring a “shoe box size” stuffed toy to classes on Friday, March 16th.  Students may earn more than one wrist band to give permission to a friend or even donate to participate in wearing both a hat and bringing a stuffed toy to classes. Students will only be able to earn a total of 4 wrist bands but are welcome to donate, as much money as they want, as a way to further support this important cause.

Donations are tax deductible.  When sending a personal check, as a donation, please use “Grassroots” as the payee on your check. 

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center is the only homeless shelter that serves Howard County, as well as staffs a 24- hour crisis center with an emergency hotline. Thousands of people call Grassroots every year to receive help for many issues on many topics.  All services provided by Grassroots are free, and no appointment is necessary to receive help. Any Howard County resident or students can call the 24-hour hotline at any time, on any day, at 410-531-6677. 

Our school’s goal is to raise Pi ($3,140.00) to assist with the cost of services for operating the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center in Columbia.  So, let’s all show our school spirit and support for the needs of our community by contributing to the “Pi for a Day with Change Matters Campaign” at Patapsco Middle School!