Money Matters Fair

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 9:14am

Mark You Calendars!!!  Wilde Lake High School will be hosting a Money Matters Fair on Sunday, April 24th, from 11 am-2 pm.  And best of all, it is FREE!!  There will be an incredible lineup of workshops and activities for adults and youths.

For adults, activities include:

  • Free Credit Review and Reports
  • Meeting a Financial Planner
  • Information on Identity Theft
  • Home Budgeting Tips
  • Setting Financial Goals

For Youth and Teens, activities include:

  • How to Get Money for College
  • Financial Scavenger Hunts and Challenges

               … and chances to win PRIZES!!!

MakingChange, who are located in Laurel, Maryland, are sponsoring the Money Matters Fair.  Their vision is to empower individuals and families to achieve stability through many programs and activities.  Working with Howard County’s VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), MakingChange offers free tax preparation and assistance to most individuals during tax season who earn less than $53,000 and to small sole proprietor businesses with claimed deductions less than $10,000. 

MakingChange offers many financial seminars as well during the year.  Topics include Banking and Saving, Saving and Retirement, Buying a Home, Budgeting, Credit Ratings and Reports, Affording College, Affording Transportation, Saving for Retirement, Understanding and Using Credit, Buying a Home, Choosing Healthcare, Identity Theft and Scams, and Your Job and Your Money.

Lastly, MakingChange offers personal financial coaching, with sessions that last about an hour.  Their individual coaching sessions help people track monthly expenses, develop a personal spending plan that works, create a strategy to pay down debt, set financial goals and create plans for success.  Fees are structured on a sliding scale, based on income.