From the Wellness Corner - Holiday Shopping Tips

Mon, 11/28/2016 - 10:59am

Holidays are fun and exciting, but overspending can add unnecessary stress to our lives.  Here are a few money management tips to help keep the season fun and stress free.

  1. Set a budget for the TOTAL amount you can reasonably spend on holiday gifts.
  2. Make a LIST for everyone you plan shop for.
  3. Divide your total budget amongst each person as you see fit. (STICK TO IT)!
  4. Use the INTERNET!  Search for the best price for the item before you go out to purchase it.
  5. Look for ‘FREE SHIPPING’ deals online.  Often you can save on sales tax, too.
  6. Use you PHONE ‘in-store’ to locate the item for a lower price elsewhere.  Many merchants will honor this and reduce their price.
  7. Take advantage of ‘CASH BACK deals.  These can be used towards the purchase of the next gift at the same store.
  8. Search online for DISCOUNT COUPONS and ‘promo’ codes for major retailers.
  9. MAKE YOU OWN cards or find unique materials for wrapping.  It can fun to use plain brown paper with a creative ribbon or colored comic pages for wrappings.  Children can color pages for small gift boxes.
  10. FAMILY PICTURES in an attractive frame or homemade items make nice gifts for many relatives. Add a small tin of cookies for a tasty treat.

The Wellness committee wishes everyone happy, safe and stress-free holidays!  AND a Happy New Year!