Book Fair Success!

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 8:00am

Our annual book fair was a great success. We raised $1,200 for our library!  That’s 25% more than last year. Thanks go to everyone who shopped at the book fair and to the many volunteers that helped. Heartfelt thanks go to Tina Sabbat, Amy Bahel, Lisa Scarbath, Christy Pinsky, Robin Cohoon, Laura Munns, Peggy Wolf, Caroline Bodziak, Elizabeth Teachey.  Also, thanks to our supportive staff: the ELA team, Carol Richardson, Joanne McGarry, Sammy Glass, Elizabeth Raiford, Angela Johnson, Kelly Stielper, Danielle Stephenson, and Kalina Salsman. Without your generous help, this would not have been possible