Intramural Programs

2021-2022 Intramural Programs

Intramurals are incredible extracurricular opportunities to extend knowledge, exercise the mind and body, and develop social skills. Please browse the following intramural offerings and know there may be more coming especially in the second semester.  Most intramurals are after school however there are a few in the morning. Students should see the Staff Sponsor(s) about participation. For specific questions, please contact the sponsoring teacher. Transportation is not provided and we appreciate your promptness when dropping off or picking up your student. Carpooling is always a great idea!

* As part of our Three R's, we encourage interested students to take the Responsibility and contact the program sponsor themselves.*


Program Areas



Intramural Name

Staff Sponsor(s)

Sponsors email

Meeting Days

Start Date

Glee Club

Michael                                Rainbow                   


3:15PM – 4:15PM

Oct. 1 – June 1                            

Student Leadership

Samantha Castelbaum

Tuesday, Thursday

Oct. 26 – Mar. 28              

Delta Scholars

Kendra Lee



Alpha Achievers                           

Jimmy Gallman



Glee Club

Michael Rainbow

Tuesday, Thursday

Oct. 5 - May 31

Memory Book - Information  coming in October

Kalina Salsman


Nov. 18 - Feb. 24


Heather Schluter


 Oct. 19 - Nov. 5


Danielle Stephenson

Monday, Wednesday

 Nov. – Mar.