Wed, 05/03/2017 - 10:02am

Help Patapsco Middle School raise $2,111.00 for one day of crisis services in Howard County!  Last school year, there were nearly 600 homeless children living in Howard County. In many schools, children who are homeless are attending classes with other students who don’t even know what has happened to them.  You can help the homeless by contributing to the Change Matters campaign.  The money goes to Grassroots, Howard County’s only homeless shelter.  Your change will be used to improve the lives of homeless children and families that stay at Grassroots. Please support Grassroots by donating your change to your child’s homeroom CHANGE MATTERS PENNY WAR BUCKET or by dropping it off to the front office.  Checks can be accepted, made out to “Grassroots Crisis Center” and grocery store gift cards (with activation slip) are greatly appreciated.