School Absences

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 9:01am

As always, we require a written note from a parent/guardian within two school days of the absence, or the missed days will be recorded as unexcused. A parent/guardian may email as well. A parent/guardian may exercise their discretion to request student absences up to three (3) days per school year. The school’s obligation is to encourage good attendance and to inform the student and family of the anticipated consequences of absences due to personal or family business.


Class periods or school days missed can never be fully recovered. Therefore, the school encourages scheduling these activities at times that will not require absence from school.

Discretionary/Extended absence forms are available in Student Services as well as on our website and should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of planned absences. All work provided prior to the absence is to be turned in upon the student’s return to school.


Parents/guardians can check HCPSS Connect to see any unexcused absences.  Choose Attendance on the left side, then scan down to Days of Attendance. Make sure Detail is set to “ON”.  Dates with many classes marked in red X’s mean we have not received an absent note. (Dates with only one or two red X’s usually means just that class was missed.)