Back to School Knight

Tue, 09/15/2020 - 12:46pm

Virtual Back to School Knight 

When:  September 17, 2020 at 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

What You Can Expect: Back to School Knight will allow you to virtually meet your student’s teachers and have the opportunity to hear information about the classes they are taking during the fall semester. You will travel from period to period virtually just like your student does each day. Your student is welcome to join you, and may be able to assist you as you follow their schedule. 

We will begin the evening at 6:00 PM in your child’s Homeroom/SEL period with a welcome video. Make sure to login to Google Meet with your student’s HCPSS credentials in your child’s Homeroom/SEL such as: PMS-mbabe-SEL

Then you will have the opportunity to virtually visit your child’s first semester classes for ten-minute information sessions. If you’d like to have an individual conversation with your child’s teacher, feel free to email the teacher to arrange a time for a parent/teacher conference. 

Before Back to School Knight, we wanted to provide this document you can use as a “cheat sheet” to find quick information. 

The microphone and camera: Joining with or without your camera on is your choice, but due to the large number of families that will be joining, we do ask that you please mute your microphone during the sessions.

Accessing the Virtual Sessions: We are meeting virtually through Google Meet. You can find the meet codes on the link below. You must use your student’s HCPSS credentials to access the google meets by code.  




6:00 – 6:30


  Administrative and PTA Welcome 

6:35 - 6:45

Period 1 

6:48 - 6:58

Period 2

7:01 – 7:11

Period 3 

7:14 - 7:24

Period 4 

Google Meet Codes: While your student may already know their course codes for these meets, below is a quick guide followed by grade appropriate charts of the course codes for tonights’ sessions in Google Meet. Each period has its own, unique code.

The generic formula for Period 1-4 Codes:


PMS- {Teacher’s first name initial}{Teacher’s last name} - pd{period number}

Parents fill in { } with your child’s appropriate info for each period.


If my child has teacher  L. Smith  for period number “ 3 ” ; then I use code:   PMS-LSmith-pd3 during the third period presentation time. 

To access the Google Meet codes for Homeroom and for Periods 1-4, you can use your student’s canvas calendar or this link which includes codes for Homeroom/SEL and Periods 1-4 by teacher last name.

Important:  As you prepare to join our virtual event, please know that you will need your child's login information to participate.  Please ask your child for their username and password ahead of time to ensure easy access to our Back to School Night program. If your child forgets their username or password, go to, scroll down to "Students & Staff" and click either "Change Password" or "Forgot Password or Username". These things take time so we encourage you to practice before tomorrow! 

If you need assistance or unsure where to go, staff will also be available in a Google Meet Room to assist throughout the evening from 5:50 PM to 7:00 PM.

Join with Google Meet

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers

(‪US)‪+1 818-942-3407

PIN: ‪534 768 489#