Patapsco’s Green Team

Fri, 03/11/2016 - 11:27am

Calling All Caps!

Patapsco’s Green Team is busy organizing some great activities for our next Patapsco Faire Day in April - Earth month! And we need your help. We plan to create a tree mural, with a trunk made from recycled bottle and jar caps. So next time you go to recycle any type of bottle or jar: plastic, glass, shampoo, fruit pouch... you get the idea - take off the cap, rinse it off, and toss it in a bag. Every student who brings in a bag of at least 20 caps by April 5th will receive a TerraCycled pencil case as a prize! Turn in your bags to homeroom teachers - and be sure to include your child's full name somewhere on or in the bag.

Reminder to TerraCycle @ Home!

While you’re sending in those caps, remember that you can always collect & send in the following empty packages/wrappers for our Green Team to TerraCycle. Not only do they earn money for our school - but they stay out of landfills, AND get turned into cool products (like the ones we raffle off as prizes).

Our collection is limited to the following:      

  • All bar wrappers (including cereal bar, energy bar, granola bar, etc.)

  • All foil drink pouches (CapriSun, HonestKids, etc.)

  • All candy wrappers

  • Little BitesⓇ muffin bags