Information for In-Person Learning at Patapsco Middle

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 12:38pm


Family File (Emergency information)

Please, go to HCPSS connect  and log-in to make sure your emergency contact information is correct. It is critical that we can reach you in case of an emergency, 


Symptom Checker (before you send your student to school each day)

To ensure students are healthy enough to attend in-person instruction, parents/guardians are to perform a symptom check every day before the student leaves home. A student having any of the following symptoms should not be sent to school, but may continue to access their classrooms virtually if they are well enough to do so: Maryland Department of Health Response to COVID 19 Positive Cases or COVID 19 Like Illness

·      1  of the following:

  • New onset cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing;

  • New loss of taste or smell; OR

·       2  of the following:

  •   Fever over 100.4 or chills within the past 24 hours;

  •   Fatigue;

  •   Muscle or body aches;

  •   Headache;

  •   Sore throat;

  •   Congestion or runny nose;

  •   Chills or shaking chills;

  •   Nausea or vomiting;

  •   Diarrhea.

Additionally, students who have been in close contact (within less than 6 feet for a cumulative of more than 15 minutes over the past 24 hours with or without a mask) with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19 (exhibiting COVID- like illness and has not tested negative after exhibiting symptoms) should not enter any HCPSS building.

Parent/guardians will assess their children for symptoms of COVID-19 illness and refrain from sending/transporting them to school until after they have been symptom-free at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms, have no fever for at least 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication, and have continued improvement of symptoms and /or medical consult with their primary care physician.

If you have any questions or concerns please email our nurse, 


Student Absences

If a student is absent, please email Students who do not attend in-person school may also log-in to class virtually using their teacher’s google meet codes.  


Materials to bring

  • Backpack (lockers will not be used)

  • Fully-charged chromebook and charger

  • Mask (no gaiters unless wearing two masks)

  • Water bottle with labeled name on it

  • Headphones (if available)

  • A jacket for going outside to portables and for recess

  • A book to read for breaks (media center will be available for students to check out books)

  • Additional supplies may be communicated by individual teachers


Breakfast and Lunch will be provided

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to each student each day. Your student may also bring lunch from home, if preferred. 



Students will have recess everyday and they must wear masks, socially distance the entire time, and use hand sanitizer before, during, and after recess.


Bus Transportation 

If you selected for your student to be transported by bus on the survey, the bus will transport your student to and from school. Bus number and bus stop information/times are available on:


Drop-off and Pick-up from school

If you are transporting your student, please use the half circle at the base of the parking lot to drop them off/pick them up by the bike rack on the curb. Please, follow traffic directions given by staff and do not interfere with the movement of buses.


Drop-off and pick-up during the school day

If you are dropping your student or an item off at the school, please proceed to the outside of the main entrance and press the buzzer. Parents and Visitors will not be permitted inside the building, but we will communicate with you through the buzzer system. 

If your student is going to need an early dismissal, please buzz the font office to show your ID  and communicate with the front office. If able, please email ahead of time to alert us of the date and time of the early dismissal. 


Teacher Canvas Pages

Please, continue to monitor your student’s canvas pages for information. Email your student’s teachers with any questions you may have. 

Feel free to call us at 410-313-2848 f you have any questions. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 3:25PM. If we do not answer, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Finally, we need your with help reinforcing the following rules with your student each day:

Wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, and stay home if having symptoms.


Michael Babe


Patapsco Middle School

(410) 313-2848


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