School Procedures

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Tardies for School and Class

Number of Tardies


1st Unexcused tardy

Reminder of expectation

2nd Unexcused tardy

Reminder of expectation and parent contact

3rd Unexcused tardy

Incident Report/ Parent Contact/ Student Conversation

Chronic tardiness to class or school

ODR/ Admin consequence

There is a direct relationship between academic achievement and regular attendance. The instruction and activities that take place in the classes cannot be thoroughly replicated when missed. We hope that you will take the necessary steps to ensure that you arrive at school on time. Developing personal responsibility and fostering punctuality are important lifelong skills that all of us strive to acquire.




From Policy 8080: Middle Schools - Students: 

  • Students will not use personal technology devices during non-instructional time, to include but not limited to transition between classes, lunch, recess, or in bathrooms.
  • A school administrator may, on occasion, authorize the use of personal technology devices for special events and/or for positive behavioral supports and interventions.



Students may not use their cell phones with them during the school day. Each Staff Member will have a Cell Phone Time Out envelope for students to place their cell phone in during class if they use their phone inappropriately or without the direction from a staff member. The cell phone Time Out Envelope says:



  • Your cell phone needs a time out because you did not follow the electronic device policy at Patapsco Middle School. 
  • Remember that cell phones/devices are to be “OFF and AWAY unless I say it’s okay.” 
  • Please put your electronic device in this pouch for safe keeping, and leave it closed on your desk until the bell rings. Return the empty pouch to your teacher after the bell.

Sequence of Consequences:

  1. Warning 
  2. Parent contact 
  3. Parent contact, Incident Report
  4. Continued cell phone could result in a referral to administration

Relax…the world existed just fine before cell phones, and you will be okay! I don’t want you distracted by your phone. I want you to be an active part of our class community.

Patapsco is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken property.

We will review this procedures with students, but you can help us by reviewing these expectations with your child at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support!