Student Attendance Procedures

Tue, 09/13/2022 - 8:41am

Student Absences

If your student has to be absent from school, please submit a note to  or send a note in with your child to submit to Student Services.

If your child has been lawfully absent from school and a note has been submitted, they will have the opportunity to make up missed work.

When emailing a note, you will receive an automated message to verify that your email was received.

Please do not send attendance notes to your child's teachers.

If you have any questions about your child's attendance, please email

If you would like to submit a Discretionary Absence Form FILLABLE.pdf form, please fill it out and email it to

Please review the HCPSS Attendance Policy for further information. 

Late Arrivals:

  • Students will report to Student Services to sign in and receive a pass when arriving late to school.

  • Parents may send students in with a note. Students who arrive late due to lawful reasons (i.e. doctor’s appointment, etc.) will be considered Tardy Excused.

Early Dismissals:

  • Parents/ Guardians will sign students out from the front office for early dismissals.

  • Parents/Guardians are to show their photo ID upon arrival to confirm their eligibility to pick up the student in the family file.

If you know that your student will have an early dismissal ahead of time, you may send in a note with your child or call the front office to let them know when you will be picking them up and who will be picking them up. 

Dismissal Procedure Reminders

Students who are car riders will be dismissed at 2:45. We are asking that parents pick up students in the car loop, paying close attention to staff providing directions.  Please have your student enter and exit your car safely and quickly to allow for other cars and our buses to enter and exit our traffic loops. Please stay to the right on the road entering our school, leaving room to the left to allow buses to pass. Finally, we do not permit students to walk up the driveway to meet parents prior to the car loop.  This creates a safety issue and will delay the process.

Also, students who are assigned to a bus are not permitted to walk home.  We do not have ample sidewalks or crosswalks to accommodate students who are typically on bus routes. Please remind your student to board their assigned bus each day.