Virtual Back to School Knight

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 9:38am


What You Can Expect: Back to School Knight will allow you to virtually meet the teachers who teach your student and have the opportunity to hear information about the classes they are taking during the spring semester. You will have the opportunity to travel from period to period virtually just like your student does each day. 


You will be able to virtually visit your child’s classes for semester two for periods 1-4. Each class visit is only ten minutes, which allows the teacher to present to all families for each period at once. Therefore, if you’d like to have an individual conversation with your child’s teacher, feel free to email the teacher to arrange a time for a parent/teacher conference. 


Feel free to have your student attend with you so they can hear more information regarding their courses, and they may even be able to assist you in your journey through these virtual sessions. 


**Staff will also be available in Google Meet Room to assist throughout the evening.

Meeting ID


The microphone and camera: We are excited for this opportunity to virtually meet all of you. Joining with or without your camera on is your choice, we are just happy to have you join us for our second semester Back to School Knight.  Due to the large number of families that will be joining, we do ask that you mute your microphone during the sessions.


Accessing the Virtual Sessions: We are meeting virtually through Google Meet. The appropriate class meet codes will follow in the charts below. You must use your student’s HCPSS credentials to access the google meets by code.  


Schedule for the Evening: Please see chart below for all grades.


Below is the schedule for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade families to follow:





6:30 - 6:40

Period 1 

6:43 - 6:53

Period 2

6:56 – 7:06

Period 3 

7:09 - 7:19

Period 4 

Parents will use the students regular Google Meet codes for Periods 1-4. Google Meet Code Charts to follow below.


Google Meet Codes: While your student may already know their course codes for these meets, below is a quick guide followed by charts of the course codes for tonights’ sessions in Google Meet. Each period has its own, unique code.


The generic formula for Period 1-4 Codes:


PMS - {Teacher’s first name initial} {Teacher’s last name} - pd{period number}

Parents fill in { } with your child’s appropriate info for each period.



If my child has teacher  L. Smith  for period number “ 3 ” ; then I use code:   PMS-LSmith-pd3

Please use the chart below to attend each of your child’s periods 1-4.

Here are the Google Meet Codes for the individual teacher presentations from 6:30-7:20PM. 

PDF icon Meet Codes for all grades.pdf


Drop-in session is for parents of 6th and 7th graders!!

Questions about the Middle School Course Request process?

Join our School Counselors, Ms Lee and Ms Kempthorn, on PMS-Registration before or after Back to School Night, 6-6:30pm or 7:20-8pm to learn more about the registration process.